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Quality is a relentless commitment at Bajaj.

Intrinsic quality in products is achieved and tested by adopting and consistently following the established procedures and norms which is emphasized in our ‘quality policy. There are separate Quality control and Quality Assurance Departments headed by competent, qualified and experienced personnel independent of the production at Bajaj. Our Quality Control Laboratory is divided into separate sections i.e. for chemical, microbiological and instrumental analysis; stability samples and fully equipped with the latest sophisticated instruments and experienced Analysts.

Pharmacopoeias, reference standards, working standards, reference spectra, other reference materials and technical books as required are also available. The finished product is correctly processed and checked in accordance with established procedures as per WHO-GMP guidelines. The robustness of the system is evaluated by conducting self-inspection periodically by the experienced team under the leadership of Quality Assurance Manager.

Furthermore, the Pharmaceutical products are released for sale or supplied only after authorized persons have certified that each production batch has been produced and controlled in accordance with the requirements of the label claim and any other provisions relevant to production, control and release of pharmaceutical products.


Working on the fundamental of “ Quality is not an act but a habit”, we bring for you the finest quality products.

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